Co-located Events

Why Exhibit:

  • Receive high value bulk orders
  • Generate new leads from Nigeria’s largest retailers, corporate gift buyers, contract & hospitality buyers and wholesalers, importers, architects and interior designers
  • Meet Nigeria’s biggest b-2-b buyers in just 3 days
  • Strike up new distribution partnerships to increase your market penetration

Wholesale and retail sales are already the third largest contributors to Nigeria’s GDP, contributing 16 percent to the total. (McKinsey)

Exhibitor Profile:

  • Women's fashion wear
  • Inner cloth
  • Lingerie
  • Stole
  • Scarf
  • Hat/Cap
  • Gloves
  • Belt
  • Women's Bags/Shoes
  • Women's Accessories


  • Men's fashion wear
  • Men's bag
  • Men's shoes
  • Men's Sunglasses
  • Men's Watch
  • Men's Belt
  • Men's Hat/Cap
  • Men's Leather accessories
  • Men's cosmetics


  • Baby/Kids Wear
  • Handbag
  • Shoulder bag
  • Casual bag
  • Travelling bag
  • Business bag
  • Purse
  • Boots
  • Party shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Leather shoes
  • Sandals
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sport shoes

Sub-saharan Africa's apparel and footwear market is reportedly worth $31 billion according to data by Euromonitor. Labels such as Nigeria's Maki Oh - recently worn by Beyonce, Jewel By Lisa and Ikiré Jones are establishing themselves as international brands beyond the continent. (Euromonitor)

Why Visit:

  • Huge savings available through exclusive show only discounts for bulk b-2-b buyers
  • New product launches and special show only offers
  • Exciting new designs and products from around the world showcased alongside indigenous designers and manufacturers
  • Free conference sessions on latest market trends, developing customer satisfaction, ways to build your brand and encourage customer loyalty, embracing new technology, space management, accessing finance and preparing for the global market

Visitor Profile:

  • Importers / Exporters
  • Wholesalers
  • Trading companies
  • Fashion stores
  • Select shops
  • Boutiques
  • Department stores
  • Specialty shops (Bag, shoes, fashion accessories)
  • Manufacturers (Fashion wear, bag, shoes, fashion accessories)
  • Mass retailers
  • Online shops
  • General shops

Nigeria’s Growing Fashion & Apparel Market:

  • Enter the largest retail market in Sub-Saharan Africa worth $215bn
  • Growth for your business in an emerging global market
  • Nigeria offers a fast growing middle and emerging middle class with a consumer spending in excess of $100bn a year
  • Nigeria’s middle class has grown by 600% and now includes 4.1 million households, equivalent to 11% of the population
  • As researched by the Global Retail Development Index, Nigeria is the leading retail market in Africa with $125bn of retail sales recorded in 2016
  • High quality and qualified buyer audience because;
  • o    Held alongside existing Interior, Gift and Fashion Exhibition in the region which already delivers thousands of retailers, importers and wholesalers
  • o    Co-organised by Clarion Events who have a regional office in Lagos, Nigeria providing you with on the ground logistical support and know-how
  • o    (tbc) Supported by The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FDAN) and Retail Council of Nigeria (RCN) giving industry credibility and support

In Nigeria, which is known as "the giant of Africa" in part because one out of every four Africans is Nigerian, the trend toward a more prosperous consumer class is unmistakable. Although 90% of Nigerians have limited discretionary income, there is an important and growing opportunity within a subset of the population. Given the country’s large population (174 million, 37 million households), the portion of people defined as middle and upper class represent a sizeable pool of potential consumers. A significant 11% to18% of urban households – numbering over 2 million –have purchasing power and annual incomes over $10,000, which puts them in the modest affluent class. Half of the country’s growth in wealth will come from these households. (McKinsey)