Transwalk International interview

1.    Tell us a little about your company and its activity.

Transwalk International is a conglomerate, full-service consultancy, providing end-to-end solutions to real estate and lifestyle needs in Nigeria, with a core focus on property development and interior design. Our two distinctive subsidiaries – Transwalk Property and Transwalk Interior, make us the one-stop shop for providing solutions from building to acquisition, finishing to furnishing, while delivering “turn key” designs that are both tasteful and timeless.

We are driven by integrity, excellence, professionalism and innovation, constantly bringing our noteworthy expertise to bear on every job. For 15 years since our establishment in 2002 – however incorporated in 2012 – we have worked to bridge the demand and supply gap in tastefully built, finished and furnished buildings or commercial spaces.
Our eagle eye has resulted in contemporary, functional, smart, and beautiful building designs that show our special attention to finishing details, and the exceptionality of our clients. Our services, therefore, range from consultation to initial conceptualization, conceptual design, property development, interior & exterior design, furniture and decorative item selections, lighting, budgeting, and project coordination, always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills.

2.    What are your reasons for sponsoring the International homeware, furnishing, interior décor, textile and gift exhibition; Home Decor & Giftware Nigeria?

Simply put, we believe in your vision. We recognise the amazing opportunities for growth and development within Nigeria’s retail sector and we are excited to put our resources behind every effort to harness this immense potential. Being able to provide – and equally participate in – a platform that will foster strategic partnerships, business development, sales and industry growth is a unique opportunity that we’re proud to explore.

We also intend to take full advantage of the value that Home Décor & Giftware Nigeria provides. We believe that through our sponsorship, we can tell the right stories about our brand, and showcase our professionalism and excellence over the years. We have worked hard to get to where we are, and we want to tell the story of Transwalk International, confident that this strategic move will help us even expand our growth further.

3.    What challenges have you overcome when trying to increase sales in the Nigerian home, interior decor and giftware industry?

We have been able to show our clients that we are not just selling a product or a service, but that we’re offering a partnership to help them turn their vision to reality. Consumers generally shrink back when they believe they are being ‘marketed’ no matter how subtly. Our approach has, therefore, been to build relationships and deliver value. Consequently, we have seen the awesome power of referrals and repeat customers do wonders for Transwalk International.

Furthermore, engaging local content is still gaining ground, especially in interior design. While some believe they can easily source furnishings and fittings themselves, many others would rather import the expertise and the products for fear of substandard products in the Nigerian market. Fortunately, because we deal in the retail business, our work can stand as a testament to the quality service that we offer every time. We, therefore, ensure that clients are taken along every step of the way – especially in sourcing products – to ensure their needs are being met.

4.    Home decor & giftware Nigeria is a B-2-B international retail buyer’s exhibition in the home, interior designs, fashion and gift segment; how do you think this would influence the Nigerian retail industry?

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. With Home Décor & Giftware Nigeria, local producers will have the opportunity to interact with each other, as well as with players in the international market, leading to an exchange of ideas and an improvement in productions designs and quality. With this, we are more likely to find not only increased demand for Made-in-Nigeria goods, but also opportunities to export these goods to other countries.

More so, in showcasing our advancements and our potential, the doors to domestic and foreign investors will be open. Those with the funding can easily identify viable business ventures, while business owners can start to grow a wide network of resources that can be tapped into both now and in the future. We believe that the international exposure this event provides will broaden the market for producers, and give the sector the right boots to spur significant growth.

5.    According to the Global Retail Development Index the Retail market was the 3rd largest contributors to Nigeria’s GDP, while Nigeria recorded the highest retail sale of $125bn in the sub Saharan African during 2016. What is your future outlook for the home, interior decor and giftware industry in Nigeria?

The rapid increase in infrastructure development in Nigeria has created huge demand for interior design services in Nigeria. More so, considering the recent economic struggles that we faced as a country – especially with the scarcity of foreign exchange – the drive for supporting Made-in-Nigeria goods and services has been significantly increased creating even more of a market for this industry.

In a few years – less than 10 even – we see interior design becoming one of the largest leading industries in Nigeria. More people are becoming more conscious of the opportunities within the industry, and are making moves to create the right atmosphere to foster its growth, especially from government’s quarters, even up to the rendering of tax incentives.

The effects of urbanisation, migration and technology also forebear that there will be a further boom for retail products within the industry, and an attendant supply.

6.    What products are you most excited about bringing to home décor & giftware Nigeria?

We take immense pride in our locally made furnishings and accessories. There is so much creativity, culture and talent inherent in Nigeria, and we are very excited to come and showcase some of these through items that are unique to Transwalk International. Our products speak to the very essence of style, quality, innovation, and just enough flexibility to suit a range of tastes.

We’re also looking forward to giving lots of invaluable advice to delegates at Home Décor & Giftware Nigeria, confident that are solutions will show our depth of understanding of both current and emerging trends.

7.    Please provide a 30 word biography of yourself along with a head and shoulders high resolution image that can be used in the marketing campaign.

Chinyere Udeagbala is the passionate and vibrant CEO of Transwalk International and President of Transwalk Charity Foundation. She finds creative expression in interior design, architecture, and socioeconomic empowerment.

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