KY Avalir Interview

1.      Can you provide us with background details of your organization? Are you a manufacturer or supplier?

Ky Avalir is an exclusive representative of the American brand Kirby, we supply a Multifunction Home Care System.

2.      What brands do you manufacture or represent?

We represent Kirby.

3.      As a manufacturer/ supplier, what makes your brand different from others?

We sell a high-level product for exquisite people also connected to healthy home facilities.

4.      List the top five buyers you will like to meet at the IGF Expo?

Cleaning companies, politicians, hotels and apartment owners

5.      What promotions or show-only discounts will be available at the show?

 20% discount

6.      Will you receive cash or POS payments onsite?

 Both, POS preferably

7.      The IGF gives a springboard platform to enter or expand in Nigeria and West African market. What are you looking forward to during the event?

 To show our product, promote and expand in the market.

 Most importantly to grow and create awareness. 

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