HomeWox Interview

1. Tell us a little about your company and its activity.
homeWox.ng is an emergent one stop online mega mall on a mission to offer Nigerians, the largest selection of home related products, across all styles and budgets through leveraging integration Of technology and logistics. We are in partnership with a very wide array of products and services providers in various home segments such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and outdooor beautifications.

2. What are your reasons for sponsoring the International homeware, furnishing, interior décor, textile and gift exhibition; Home Decor & Giftware Nigeria?

This event presents a veritable platform for showcasing what we have been working on, our brand. As you might be aware, homeWox.ng is an online market place whereby we bring on verified, value oriented partners in the entire spectrum of home beautification and transformation to showcase and sell their products. Thus, considering the ability of the organizers to have assembled such a large number of audience with shared interest, within the sector under one roof for the period of the show. Our intention is to present and market the inherent value proposition of our brand to these wonderful potential partners.

3. What challenges have you overcome when trying to increase sales in the Nigerian home, interior decor and giftware industry?

In fairness, it’s a continuous learning curve when it comes to the challenges of the sector. However, issues such as payment options, payment solutions, logistical challenges and the general feeling of a trust deficit are markers one always has to keep an eye on in terms of seeking how best to resolve them at the earliest to ensure consistent value for all our stakeholders.

4. home decor & giftware Nigeria is a B-2-B international retail buyer’s exhibition in the home, interior designs, fashion and gift segment; how do you think this would influence the Nigerian retail industry?

Whilst we wouldn’t call it disruptive, the exhibition is definitely giving more impetus to the segment. It is like a catalyst with all its attendant benefits of enabling a win-win scenario for both sellers and buyers through its provision of such a veritable forum to display all of these varied array of products and a conducive networking opportunities.

5. According to the Global Retail Development Index the Retail market was the 3rd largest contributors to Nigeria’s GDP, while Nigeria recorded the highest retail sale of $125bn in the sub Saharan African during 2016. What is your future outlook for the home, interior decor and giftware industry in Nigeria?

The figures you have quoted are rather impressive within the context of the time period which coincided with when the country was in a recession. Based on projected outlook from the major global and homebased analyst, the economy should have started to pick up. A consequence of this will be the greater possibility of people having more disposable incomes to want these items and products which the segment of the economy offers. For us who are players in the segment, we thus must look for products which will offer clients value at the right pricing for these products. We are optimistic about the future of the sector.

6. What products are you most excited about bringing to home décor & giftware Nigeria?

As indicated earlier, homeWox.ng is on a mission to become the one stop shop for everything home. But our critical success factor is leveraging technology and optimization of our logistics handling processes to ensure our clients get the benefits and values, associated with embracing the inevitability of the paradigm shift from brick and mortar to the online market.

7. Please provide a 30 word biography of yourself along with a head and shoulders high resolution image that can be used in the marketing campaign.

I am privileged to be the chairman of the board of directors for the company formed by Four Co-Founders. Previous experiences have been Engineering and Project Management in the Oil and Gas industry.

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